Grants Awarded


CHSPartnership with Wilo-Foundation to fund the Media Studio.$56,000
WebsterCNC Router - a CNC router to greatly enhance the curriculum in 7th and 8th grade.  Implementing helps with technical drawings in the “Design and Modeling” classes.$18,500
All Elementary SchoolsGirls in STEAM Expansion - provides a fun and energizing way to engage all and any students in grades 3-5 in STEAM activities.$9,500
CHSLarge Format Latex Printer, Plotter, Cutter for Graphics Capstone$18,000
WestlawnStory Walk Podiums - permanent weatherproof displays for the story walks that would be installed along the trails in the woods at each CSD elementary school.$5,200
CHSPartnership with Wilo-Foundation to fund the Media Studio.$56,000
All Elementary SchoolsKindness Retreat - a proactive approach by offering some more extensive opportunities for youth to build character and re-energize them to do positive things.$10,000
ThorsonDramatic Play - supporting creativity and self-expression, dramatic play can help children learn real life skills and social skills that can serve them throughout their lives.$7,000
WebsterFork Farm Hydroponic System - an innovative growing system that allows schools to grow their own greens and herbs.$5,500
Fall 2020$21,931
CHSPartnership with Wilo-Foundation to fund the Robotics Playing Field $21,931
Spring 2020$37,080
District Wide17 3D Printers for New Makerspace Labs$29,580
District Wide - Elementary SchoolsPicture Communication Symbols (PCS) Boards for the Elementary School Playgrounds $5,000
District WideRiveredge Scientist in Residence$2,500
Fall 2019$16,563
ParkviewFunding to enhance the Girls in STEAM program$7,670
WestlawnMaker Space 2.0 Workshop; Robotics Station; Lego League Curriculum$8,893
Spring 2019$12,567
ParkviewOutdoor Maker Space$7,317
CHSFitBit Inspire HR for Special Education$2,750
District WideRiveredge Scientist in Residence$2,500
Fall 2018$26,290
District Wide - Elementary SchoolsRokenbok Blocks Mobile STEM Labs$17,954
WebsterNspire Grant$3,836
Parkview4K Motor Lab$2,000
District WideRiveredge Scientist in Residence$2,500
Spring 2018$18,518
WebsterEV3 Lego Robotics$14,803
WestlawnLCD Digital Microscopes$2,215
WestlawnMaker Space Games/Activities$1,500
Fall 2017$11,579
ThorsonFlex Seating$8,862
District Wide - 4KFamily Literacy Night$700
Spring 2017$11,000
District WideRiveredge Scientist in Residence$2,500
Westlawn 5th GradeClassroom Redesign$3,000
Westlawn IMCMaker Space$3,000
District Wide - Elementary SchoolsPlayworks$2,500
Fall 2016$16,090
Parkview Personalized Learning Standing Desk $8,730
District Wide - 2nd GradeOsmos "Wonder Kit"$4,416
Parkview - 2nd and 4th GradeWobble Chairs$2,519
WestlawnWestlawn & Lasata Community Outreach$425
Spring 2016$18,523
ThorsonScientist in Residence for a Day$1,000
WestlawnA Beginning with No End $7,150
CHSWireless LCD Projector and Audio System$873
CHSMetal & Wood Class 40E Epilog Laser$4,000
District Wide - Elementary SchoolsMusic iPad Technology $5,500
Fall 2015$32,500
WestlawnKindergarten Stem Learning Kits$500
Webster Media Room$32,000
Spring 2015$6,794
ParkviewFlipped Learning Equipment and Resources$1,694
WestlawnWestlawn Woods Poet-Tree$2,300
CHSEngine Disassembly / Assembly Lab Equipment and Tools $2,800
Fall 2014$7,377
CHSDigital Microscopes, Hot Pot Melters and Tin$1,728
WestlawnScientist in Residence Week$2,320
Webster3D Printer and Filament$3,329
Spring 2014$9,025
CHSBrazilian and African Drums and Percussion for World Music Ensemble$2,500
WestlawnBooks for The Literacy Collaborative Book Room$3,000
Webster1 Apple iPad Air, 4 Apple iPad Mini (and ancillary equipment) for Physical Education$3,525
Fall 2013$16,280
Parkview48 Stability Balls for 1st, 2nd and 3rd Grades$870
ParkviewMaple Sugaring Equipment$3,085
CHS1 Tire Pressure Monitoring System for Automotive Technology Courses$1,480
CHS3 Cintiq Monitors for Advanced Art Classes$6,000
CHS15 Chromebooks (and ancillary equipment) for 2nd Floor Science, Math and Social Studies Classes$3,568
Webster1 Outdoor Learning Lab and Storage Shed for 7th Grade Science Classes, Green Team and Project Lead the Way$1,277
Spring 2013$15,278
CHS7 Apple iPads (and ancillary equipment) for Music and Drama$7,795
Parkview6 Apple iPads (and ancillary equipment) for Physical Education$7,483
Thorson6 Apple iPads (and ancillary equipment) for Physical Education
Westlawn6 Apple iPads (and ancillary equipment) for Physical Education
Fall 2012$27,403
CHS15 TI-Nspire calculators, 15 Wireless Navigators$4,250
Thorson5 Chromebooks$1,395
Webster10 Chromebooks and cart$4,089
CHS15 Chromebooks and cart$5,484
ParkviewVarious supplies for outdoor science projects$500
Parkview15 Chromebooks and cart$4,185
WestlawnArtist in Residence Program$7,500
Spring 2012$4,476
Thorson5 iPads for the Kindergarten classrooms$4,476
Westlawn5 iPads, accessories and AppleCare$2,737
Fall 2011$7,883
CHS6 iPod Touches for the Life Skills Program$1,372
WestlawnWilson Reading Program materials$1,095
Parkview5 iPads, cases and covers, SyncTray for Kindergarten Pilot program$4,500
Thorson4 Basic ProScope Kits$916
Spring 2011$2,750
CHSDrumline Equipment$2,750
Fall 2010$8,271
WestlawnRiveredge Partnership/Westlawn Woods$913
ParkviewBook Room Books$3,000
CHS2 Sets of Vernier Spectrophotometers$1,052
WebsterSnowshoes (40 sets)$2,620
Westlawn3 ProScope Kits$687
Spring 2010$7,127
CHS1 MultiGene Thermal Cycler for science labs$3,795
CHSGale Virtual Reference Library ? 1,032 full text ebooks$3,332
Fall 2009$14,297
WebsterDocument Camera System (6-2 Language Arts)$1,587
CHS24 Probeware Sensors for Science Labs$3,640
Westlawn1 Document Camera System and speakers (Music)$2,885
Thorson1 Document Camera System and speakers (Music)$2,885
CHSN-Computing Station, 6 computers, camera for World Languages Dept$3,300
Art RoomTeacher Gift Cards$500
Spring 2009$24,900
ParkviewClassroom Performance Systems (2)$5,530
ThorsonSmartboard, LCD projector, Doc Camera and wiring for mini lab$4,940
CHSLabquest Interface Units & Sensors for Science Labs$4,339
ThorsonBookroom Reading Material$3,000
CHSKurzweil Learnstations on USB$1,625
WebsterDocument Camera System (6-2 Language Arts)$1,587
ParkviewMounted Smart Board (Hewes)$1,500
ParkviewProScope Kit for Science Labs$879
WebsterDocument Camera (6-2 Science)$750
ParkviewLeveled Reader books (Kindergarten)$750